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Model 500CS
Channel Strip Module

- 500 Series 2 Slot Channel Strip Modul
- OpAmp basierter Vorverstärker bis +60dB Gain
- High & Low Pass Filters
- Autoswitching Frontpanel Hi-Z Input
- 3 Band Mastering-grade Equalizer
- 2 Knob Kompressor
- Split Modul in Channel- & Kompressor/EQ-Sektion
- Bypass Funktion für Kompressor & Equalizer

The 500CS Channel Strip from LaChapell Audio is a complete channel strip featuring a pristine OpAmp based solid state preamp, high and low pass filters, full 3-band EQ and VCA compressor in one unit.

Each “half” of the unit can function independently for maximum value and versatility. Track with the preamp, eq and compressor together, then switch to independent mode and use the eq/compressor side as an outboard processor.
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