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G8 Sum-it
8 Channel Summing Mixer Module

- 8 Kanal Summing Mixer Modul für Racks G810
- Installation in Slot 9 + 10
- Einfache und schnelle Summierung z.B. von Gitarren
- Beleuchtete Kanal LED's
- Kanal kann auf L, R oder L+R retoutet werden
- Anschluss an G810 mit Flachbandkabel

The Mercury D Series G8 Sum-It is an 8:2, passive summing mixer for your Mercury G810 Rack System. It is a simple to operate, flexible and convenent mixer to have on top of your work station or in your rack. Illuminated push button switches allow you to easily choose Left, Right or Center (for Center both are buttons are engaged) on the G8 Sum-It.

The G8 Sum-It gives you many options that you can quickly and easily use during a recording session. Sum 8 tracks down to stereo if you only have 2 inputs to your DAW or recorder— or, easily sum multiple microphones together for mono, dual mono or stereo applications. If you have 3 mics on a guitar cabinet, you can quickly sum them down to 1 channel by engaging 3 switches on the Mercury D Series G8 Sum-It. You also can still use direct outs from Channel 1-8 to go to another DAW, mixer, etc...

The best feature of the Mercury G8 Sum-It is that it is passive. The G8 Sum-It was designed to use the Mercury M72s, M76m or GPQ15s Studio Microphone Amplifiers as the two buss amplifiers for the G8 Sum-It, but any preamp at 34dB of gain will work. You can easily change the tone of recording by changing the two buss amplifiers on your G8 Sum-It. Mix and match your Mercury Studio Microphone Amplifiers to get the sound you want for bass, guitar, drums, keys, etc... or you can easily send 4 stereo stems from your DAW out to your G810 / G8 Sum-It to get warmed up with your Mercury M72s working as your two buss amplifier.

Easy set up example: take the outputs of channels 9 and 10 on the G810 Rack System (which is left and right out of the G8 Sum-It) and plug into the inputs of your Mercury M72s, Mercury M76m or other preamp. Set the preamp's gain to 34dB and you are at unity level for the Mercury D Series G8 Sum-It. Take the outputs of the preamp (working as your two buss amps) to your DAW or Recorder.

The Mercury D Series G8 Sum-It is the first in the G8 Module Product Line. G8 Modules are proprietary 2-slot modules for slots 9 and 10 in your Mercury D Series G810 Rack System I or II. No other '500' rack has the interface capabilities to connect a Mercury G8 Module. The G8 Sum-It can be installed in both the G810 Rack System I and G810 Rack System II.

You can request the Mercury D Series G8 Sum-It is pre-installed into your G810 Rack System at time of purchase, just inform your favorite Mercury Dealer and we will install before shipping out your rack. If you are installing the G8 Sum-It yourself, for best results, install while slots 5-10 are empty to allow room to plug in the cables easily. The ribbon cables on the bottom of the rack are to interface with the G8 Sum-It. The ribbon cables at the top of the rack do not interface with the G8 Sum-It. Simply unplug the bottom ribbon cable connectors mated together at bottom of the rack from each other, and then plug the male cable end into the female connector of the G8 Sum-It and the female cable end to the male connector of the G8 Sum-It. Then install the G8 Sum-It into slots 9 & 10.
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