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Dual Personal Monitor Mixer

- Dual Personal Monitor Mixer für 2 Mixes
- 24 + 4 Kanäle mit Gruppen
- Kristallklarer Kopfhörer Verstärker
- EQ, High Pass Filter & Kompressor pro Kanal
- Presets pro Kanal abrufbar
- Master Output mit EQ, Kompressor & Reverb
- Sehr einfache Bedienung
- 1/8" und 1/4" Kopfhörer Outputs
- 4 Accessory Kanäle für Ambient, Intercom & Aux
- Eingebautes Metronom

The Livemix CS-DUO is the most feature rich personal mixer on the market. The LCD touchscreen with custom naming makes creating a mix easy. Dedicated knobs provide quick access to essential features.

The Livemix CS-DUO is two personal mixers in one. With two mixes per unit, you can reduce your overall per node cost without sacrificing quality or functionality.

The CS-DUO provides 24 channels plus accessory channels, each with EQ and compression. The master output features EQ, compression and reverb. MirrorMix® remote setup and mixing, mute and solo options, channel grouping and LCD dimming make the Livemix system deep enough for professionals, but simple enough for volunteers.
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