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Stereo Gyrator Equalizer

- Stereo 3 Band Gyrator Equalizer
- Disrekt aufgebautes Konzept mit Gyratoren
- Cut/Boost pro Band +/-8dB
- 18 Frequenzen pro Band
- Dual Mono Design
- Highpass Filter von 10 Hz - 400 Hz mit Bypass
- Trafosymmetrierter Input
- Alle Parameter mit Drehschaltern ausgelegt
- Einzigartiger A.I.R. Modus
- Weicher Klang aber dennoch punchy
- Sehr tiefes Rauschen -98dBu
- Cut/Boost Steps: 1, 2, 3.5, 5.5, 8dB

The VSE-2 is another BIG IMPACT DESIGN and is setting a new benchmark for Tracking, Mix-Bus and Mastering applications. Unlike other EQs on the market the VSE-2 is equipped with six discrete gyrators and lots of matchless detailed features. This unique set-up makes the sound of the golden decade of analog recording equipment available in today's studio environment.

What makes The Vertigo Sound Discrete Gyrator stand out from the crowd?
The Vertigo Sound “Discrete Triple Gyrator 1972” uses a fully discrete circuitry, while other devices on the market realize the Gyrator using an standard IC. The well thought out design of Vertigo's Gyrator delivers a tube unit like distortion spectrum. The distortion is produced by the Gyrator itself at the frequency you dial in.
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