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500 Series Ribbon Microphone Preamplifier
mit Curve Shaper EQ

- Mono Mikrofon Preamp Modul mit 81dB Gain
- Cleaner und weicher JFET Sound
- High Frequency Curve Shaper EQ
- Low Frequency Proximity Control
- No Load™ 10kOhm High-Impdanz Design
- Phantom Power-, Polarity- & EQ Inserts-Schalter
- Mic und Line Inputs

The Versatile Mic Pre in the 500 series format
The RPQ500  module, designed after the successful RPQ preamp, provides the same  ultra-clean, high-gain signal path that has earned AEA preamps their  great reputation, but in a 500 series package. JFET circuit topology  provides all the dynamics, subwoofer bass, and fast transients that your  microphones can record. The NoLoad™ input impedance above 10K Ohms  means the RPQ won’t load down a mic and change its sound. Low Energy  Storage™ circuit design instantly recovers from overloads for superior  dynamic performance. The original RPQ with CurveShaper™ was designed to  fully capture every nuance of ribbon microphones: vintage or modern,  passive or phantom powered. Engineers have discovered that the RPQ500  also complements their moving coil, condenser mics. By virtue of its  sonic qualities and versatility, the VPR Alliance approved AEA RPQ500 is  the tool of choice for all microphones whenever a true and pristine  signal path is desired.

Two Peas in a Pod: Musical Preamp, Sweet EQ
The  CurveShaper’s™ high-frequency filter boost enables you to add a little  extra “presence” or “air” to your source. The circuit functions  similarly to a conventional parametric shelving boost, but with a  significant difference: the slope varies as both the CurveShaper™ and HF  Gain controls are adjusted. This unique bell curve was designed with  the intention to compensate for the high-frequency roll-off that is  inherent to most ribbon microphones. But beyond ribbon mics, the smooth  HF filter is remarkably well suited for brightening up condenser mics  used at a distance, restore presence in overly “dry” acoustical  environments, or even as a clean and transparent air-band boost on the  2-bus.

The CurveShaper’s™ low-frequency control easily  removes boxiness and boominess in a fast and unobtrusive way. Ribbon  mics are capable of delivering strong subwoofer lows, and can have a  significant bass proximity effect. Such strong low-frequency content can  mask high-frequency intelligibility, so the tunable LF filter was  engineered to tame low-frequency energy to appropriate levels. Its -20dB  shelving curve is ideally suited to reduce excessive proximity effect,  opening up new possibilities to use ribbon mics in close-up  applications.

Your Sound At Your Fingertips
With mixing consoles  disappearing from control rooms, dedicated preamps can take on the role  of providing a high-quality front end giving you intuitive control to  make critical decisions during tracking rather than “fixing it in the  mix”. The RPQ500 is a workhorse tool for your API 500 compatible rack.  The Line/Mic switch bypasses the microphone gain stage and allows the EQ  to be used for tracking with other preamps or during mixdown. Add the  output level control, and the RPQ500 becomes a high-quality processing  tool that can be used for mixing and mastering when combined with  summing racks and mixers such as the Purple Audio Moiyn or the Roll  Music Folcrom.
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