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The Brat
4 Band Parametric EQ Module

- 500 Series 4 Band Parametric EQ Modul
- High und Low Band umschaltbar Peak/Shelf
- Mid High und Mid Low Band vollparametrisch
- +/-12dB Cut/Boost pro Band
- Bandbreite von 0.2 bis 2.0/Oktave wählbar
- 41 gesteppte Controls für Frequenzen und Levels
- 31 gesteppte Controls für Bandbreiten
- Dual-konzentrische Regler für Frequenz und Bandbreite
- VF600 OpAmp
- Differential-symmetrierter, trafoloser Input
- Trafosymmetrierter Output

The Brat is a completely functional 4-band parametric equalizer in the 500 series format utilizing the VF600 discrete amp blocks adding warmth and definition to your recordings.

This equalizer will give you the shaping tools needed to solve any of your EQ demands. It will deliver all the surgical features that you would come to expect in a 4-band parametric. The Brat is a perfect addition to any 500 series rack.

“Those Brats are the most musical little devils I have heard in years! I’ve been using them on my mixes. They relate to the way I think about EQ musically and they have a superior build. I love my Brats!” - Eddie Kramer, President, Remark Music Ltd.
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