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1023 Preamplifier & 3 Band EQ Module

- 1023 Vorverstärker & 3 Band Equalizer Modul
- Originale 1023 Schaltung, benötigt 3 Slots im Rack
- Mikrofon/Line Vorverstärker mit DI Input
- Low & High Shelf EQ, Parametric Mid EQ
- Andere Frequenzen, mehr Mids und Highs als 1073
- Input Impedanz wählbar zwischen 1200 und 300 Ohm
- Carnhill St Ives Transformatoren
- Vergoldete Elma Schalter, Canford Verkabelung
- Original Marconi Drehknöpfe
- Sehr beliebt bei Gitarristen
- Von Hand gebaut bei BAE in North Hollywood

The 1023L — based on the classic 1023 — takes the preamp and EQ from  the 1073 and expands upon it with significantly more frequency options  in the high and mid sections, even allowing users to play the mid bell  curve directly against the high and low shelves where they overlap.

The 1023L is completely handwired using Carnhill (St. Ives)  transformers. It has the exact same mic/line preamp as the 1073, but  with significantly more frequencies in the mid and high sections.

Aside from simply offering more frequency settings to play with,  these expanded EQ sections also allow you to play the mid bell curve  directly against the high and low shelves where they overlap. This  capability opens the tone shaping possibilities in very interesting and  musical ways.
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