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Splice MKII
Mono FET Black/Blueface Compressor

- Mono FET Kompressor, basierend auf Urei 1176
- 4 Schaltungen können kombiniert werden:
 Input & Output Black = Classic Blackface Mode
 Input & Output Blue = Classic Blueface Mode
 Input Blue & Output Black = Mix Blue/Black
 Input Black & Output Blue = Mix Black/Blue
- Trafosymmetrierter Input, Elektr. symm. Output
- Stereolink Schalter
- All Buttons In/Slam-Modus
- Mix Blend Control Regler
- Output Impedanz Schalter
- Gain Makeup bis +45dB

The Splice™ MKII brings FET compression to a whole new level, faithfully recreating the circuitry and sound of not one, but two classic FET compressors.  The Splice MKII’s unique mode switching allows the user to switch between the classic Blackface or vintage Bluestripe circuits at the push of a button.  In addition, the Splice MKII can also mix and match the two for entirely new sounds that can only be found with the Splice MKII (i.e. Blue Input Circuitry + Black Output Circuitry for “Blueface” mode or Black Input Circuitry + Blue Output Circuitry for “Blackstripe” mode.  It’s like having 4 compressors in one.
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