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Mic Level Kick Drum Processor

- In-Line XLR Bass Drum Mikrofon Optimisierung
- Formt Kick Drum Klang und löst Probleme im Mix
- Funktioniert mit Dynamic, Kondensator- und Ribbon-Miks
- Einfaches Handling, sofort installiert

Just Plug the KickPad™ into the mic line feeding your favorite cardioid  kick drum mic and you will experience an incredible “instant kick drum  sound” that is exactly repeatable, every time. The KickPad™ can also be  used for vocals and bass. This will work with any device that has a  3-pin XLR. The KickPad™ is a passive device (requiring no Phantom Power)  that can be used with either condenser or dynamic microphones. It works  for both recording and live performance applications.
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