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576 Blue Stripe
Rev A, FET Compressor Module

- Rev A FET Kompressor Modul
- Update Version des klassischen FET Kompressors
- Carnhill Input und Output Transformatoren
- Extrem kurze Attack bis 20 Mikrosekunden
- Ratio von 2:1 bis SLAM (All Buttons In)
- Grosse Bandbreite von 8 Hz bis 20 kHz
- Stereolink
- Ideale Ergänzung zu 572 Red Stripe Röhren Preamp

The FET-type solution was first used for its application in the legendary UREI 1176 compressor from the 70s. The most important feature inspired by revision A is the input transformer used and pure class A output stage. The compressor is equipped with a relay bypass, 2:1 Ratio and Slam Mode accessible on the front panel.

The 576 BS’s major selling point is its ultra-fast attack time — 20 µS. The 576 BS Ratio buttons allow four different modes of operation: 2:1 Ratio (soft compression); 4:1 ratio (moderate compression); 8:1 ratio (severe compression); 12:1 ratio (mild limiting); 20:1 ratio (hard limiting); S – SLAM, All Buttons In trick mode.

SLAM Mode can definitely give a male or female rock vocal track an in-your-face sound that you can’t get anywhere else.
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