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Premium Handheld Vocal Microphone

- Kondensator Vocal Mikrofon
- Entwickelt für Vocals auf Bühnen
- Mit Halterung oder Handheld-Einsatz
- Flacher Frequenzgang bis 30 kHz
- Schalldruckpegel bis 145dB ohne Verzerrungen
- Mehr Gain vor Feedback gegenüber anderen Miks
- Fixe Nieren Charakteristik
- Konstante Bass-Frequenzen
- Geliefert mit MC4 Mik Clip und Tasche

The Instrument for Vocalists
The Earthworks SR314 is designed from the ground up to meet both the expectations and desires of a modern live performance environment. Stainless steel is expertly sculpted through precision machining yielding an instrument that is beautiful to look at, balanced in the hand, and sensibly engineered for life on the road. Protected within its steel exoskeleton is a studio quality small diaphragm cardioid condenser capsule coupled with a Class A amplifier circuit that leverages Earthworks patented and proprietary technologies to deliver one of the fastest mics on the planet.

The Sound of the SR314
An extended flat frequency response and a focus on time coherence (fast clean impulse response) sets the Earthworks SR314 apart. By systematically eliminating the many layers of distortion and noise normally added by each acoustic and electronic component, the Earthworks SR314 doesn’t sound like a traditional microphone – it pulls back the veil to reveal the true voice of the artist.

Simple, Easy and Brilliant
The SR314 democratizes exceptional live music experiences, making them accessible to everyone. Quicker soundchecks and better monitor and in-ear mixes let artists focus on what matters most – the music. Engineers are unencumbered from the necessities of corrective EQ, heavy compression, de-essing and constant vigilance against feedback. Audiences reap the benefits of vocals that sit comfortably and easily in the mix, with every detail and nuance bridging the gap that so often separates the audio experience of live music from recordings.

Built for Live Music
The SR314 goes beyond the promise of a studio mic inserted into a live space by directly addressing the challenges and pitfalls intrinsic to these dynamic environments:

Tight cardioid polar pattern with a consistent frequency response all the way out to 90 degrees means the SR314 delivers the same quality of sound even when the singer moves off-center.

Extreme attenuation of sound sources located beyond 90 degrees with maximum rejection at 180 degrees.

Consistent low frequency response across a wide range of distances, providing articulate etailed bass up close while not getting thin with distance.

The combination of these features imbues the SR314 with levels of feedback immunity and isolation from unwanted sound sources not found in other microphones.