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Stereo 3 Band Saturator
& Width Processor

- Stereo 3 Band Saturator, 19" 1U
- Vintage Klang, basiert auf 70 Jahre Schaltung
- 3-bandige variable Stereoverbreiterung
- Variable Crossover-Frequenzen zwischen Bändern
- Echter Stereobetrieb, 1 Satz Regler für beide Channels
- Betrieb in Mono oder Stereo
- Monoschalter zur Stereomix Kontrolle
- Lineares internes Netzteil
- Hohe Dramwer-Fertigungsqualität aus England

The 1976 3 band stereo saturation and width processor has been designed to inject character, colour & life into your recordings and live sound in a style endemic of the classic equipment of the 1970's. The completely analogue saturation of the 1976 will provide the realism that plug-ins can only aspire to, replacing the harsh, sterile digital sound with fullness, softness and warmth. Why emulate saturation when you can have the real thing?  Inspired by the highly acclaimed saturation and width features of our DC2476 Digital Mastering Processor the 3 bands of independent saturation of the 1976 have been designed to add the pleasing imperfections that are so endemic in classic gear. Saturation is ideal for adding fullness to your music, taking your music from a cold, bleak landscape to a warm, bright vista.  In addition, however, unlike conventional saturation products the 1976 also features 3 bands of stereo width control to really bring out the depth and add real presence to your mix, and all with a single, yet comprehensive set of controls that provide genuine stereo operation.  Saturation in music production is something that can really enrich the sound in mixes by adding a subtle form of distortion that adds pleasant-sounding harmonics and character to the music. The 1976 allows you to add this character in a completely analogue, natural way. With 3 bands of independent saturation the 1976 can pull off amazing feats that single-band saturation could never accomplish.   Without stereo widening the mix won't jump out of the speaker and grab your listener, this is where the 3 bands of the 1976 can be used to enhance the extra dimension to take the mix from a flat wall of sound to a 3D immersive experience. The 1976 makes it super easy to control the width with just the single stereo controls of the low, mid and high bands. The benefit of having independent width control for each of the bands is to allow the high frequencies to be spread across a wider soundstage without affecting the low frequency end.
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