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Stereo FET Compressor

- Stereo FET Kompressor, basiert auf Urei 1176
- Legendäres FET Design, Stereolink, Wet/Dry-Regler
- 5 Position Sidechain Highpassfilter
- Input, Output, Attack, Release & Ratio pro Kanal
- BF245A FET Amplifier mit bis zu 45dB Gain
- Carnhill Output Transformator
- Bypass Schalter pro Kanal
- VU Meter mit Gain Reduktion pro Kanal

The core of versatility of sound of the 1176 lies in the balance between the Input, Output, and Release knobs.

The 1176 is a very well known and appreciated compressor in professional recording studios all over the world. Whoever heard how this compressor works with vocals will never be able to manage without one. Additionally the Volfram works great with drums, synths and any other sources.

It is a 45dB transistor amplifier equipped with a remarkable limiter. Compression is achieved with the FET transistors. At extreme settings the Volfram adds some pleasant distortion to the output. All manipulators are 12-pole (6-pole for ratio, HPF) switches. It is a pure A class circuit.
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