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Mono Mastering Compressor with Airband

- Mono Matering Kompressor mit LMF & Airband EQ
- Feed Forward oder Feedback-Charakteristik
- Input Attenuator bis -10dB, Input Gain bis +10dB
- 4 Kompressor Ratios mit Min/Max-Regler
- 4 Sidechain Filter Frequenzen und Side Chain Input
- Attack und Release Regler
- Parallel LMF EQ-Band mit 6 Frequenzen bis +10dB
- Parallel Airband mit 5 Frequenzen bis +10dB
- Soft Limit Schaltung
- Make Up Gain bis +10dB
- Stereolink-Schalter
- Alle Potentiometer gesteppt für Wiederholbarkeit

The Maag Audio MAGNUM-K™ is a single channel Compressor built to complement the audio engineer’s craft in a very big and impactful way. The MAGNUM-K is comprised of two compressor sections (MAGNUM COMP and K COMP), a very musical Parallel EQ (with LMF and AIR BAND®), and a Soft Limit (soft limiter).

Whether putting the finishing touches on a 2-mix or making a vocal sound bigger than life without taking your head off; the MAGNUM-K will help elevate your craft to a whole new level. Welcome to compession nirvana and sonic bliss. Welcome to the Maag Audio MAGNUM-K Compressor where BIGGER SOUND, QUICKER WORKFLOW, and OUTSTANDING CONTROL were desinged to elevate your craft.

The MAGNUM-K Compressor helps quieter sonic signatures become as big as you want them to be while simultaneously reigning in those louder, more dominant tones.

Tuning a MAGNUM-K Compressor is quick and easy, reducing your overall workflow time.

The MAGNUM-K offers outstanding control from its transparent INPUT ATTN (attenuator) and INPUT GAIN controls, to its SIDECHAIN capabilities and MAKE UP GAIN. Controls are stepped (detented) to allow for easy recallable settings and channel matching.
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