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500 Series 6 Slot Rack
with internal PSU

- 6 Slot Rack mit interner Stromversorgung
- Überdimensionierte PSU für Module Dritthersteller
- Solides Stahl-Chassis
- Channel Link-Schalter
- VCA Bus-Link-Schalter auf Rückseite
- XLR, TRS & DB25 Inputs & Outputs
- Traggriff
- Rackohren optional

With abundant power and versatile connections, the R10 delivers peace  of mind for engineers who demand a higher degree of confidence in their  500 series racks.

Power You Can Trust
Power-wise, the R6 has more than 150% the required current for a  6-space chassis to prevent the power rails from failing under a  higher-than-expected load. To help monitor and troubleshoot problematic  modules, the R6 is equipped with LED current metering to show how much  power is being used. The internal power supply itself has been carefully  designed and double-shielded to avoid significant magnetic induction in  any of the channel positions. With such attention to providing and  monitoring power, the R6 helps your modules realize their fullest  potential.

Connect Like Never Before
With a plethora of connections available, the R6 backpanel is  practically a patchbay on its own. The R6 features 8 channels of  balanced I/O options including DB-25, XLR and TRS that may be used  interchangeably. This versatility is especially handy when you are  taking the R6 with you to another environment where you are unsure of  the cables available, or if you need to convert DB-25, XLR or TRS  connections to another format using the THRU functionality on channels  7-8.

Solid Steel Construction
The chassis is comprised of solid steel with bumpers to support the  unit in both horizontal and vertical configurations, and features a  collapsable handle for portability. All connectors and fittings are of  the highest quality to ensure that the R6 will hold up to many years of  use.

A New Level of Confidence in the 500 Series
Because the R6 is built to 500 series specifications, it will work  flawlessly with any properly-designed 500 series module you wish to  include in it. To help accommodate modules that are slightly out of  spec, the R6 has variable-position screw holes to help make the  installation process as smooth as possible. The 500 series VCA buss link  function can be enabled in pairs on the R6 using the link jumpers on  Channels 1-2, 3-4, or 5-6. Enabling link allows compatible compressor  modules like the 543 to share VCA control when their links are enabled.   Matching blank panels are also available to cover any empty slots.

If you want to get the very best performance out of your 500  series modules, the Rupert Neve Designs R6 is the serious rack for the  serious sound you want.
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