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Passive Ribbon Microphone
für Close Up-Recordings

- Gleiches Bändchen, Transformator und Tuning des R44
- Für Close Up-Recordings und laute Quellen
- Unterschiedlicher Klang von Vorder- und Rückseite
- Einfach in der Anwendung und günstig im Preis
- Ideal für Gitarren- und Bass-Amps sowie Drums

The Up-Close and Personal Ribbon
Building on the success of  AEA’s acclaimed R84 ribbon microphone, Wes Dooley and AEA’s team of  engineers set out to once again expand the sonic possibilities of ribbon  microphones with the R92 model. Reduced proximity bass boost and  excellent wind blast protection make it suitable for close miking of  guitar and bass amps, drums, and vocals. At half the distance to the  source, the R92 delivers a similar bass-to-treble balance as the R84. In  addition, the integrated shockmount and swivel allow for easy setup and  positioning in tight spaces. The smooth high frequency response of the  R88 and R84 transducers has been further extended in the R92, making it a  unique voice in the world of ribbon mics.

Two Voicings - Endless Possibilities
AEA  has designed the R92 to have slightly different tones on the front and  rear pickup lobes of the bidirectional microphone. The front lobe of the  R92 is the "crisp" side, offering exceptionally clean and realistic  high end detail. The rear lobe is the "smooth" side, which has a bit of  classic ribbon high end roll-off reminiscent of the iconic 44 that can  help to handle harsh transients in a very refined and flattering way.  The bass reproduction of the R92 is very solid and extends to the lowest  audible bass frequencies.

A Guitar Player’s Favorite
Like  all figure-of-8 microphones the R44 or R84 ribbons are subject to  proximity effect - the increase in bass as you move the microphone  closer to the source. While this effect can be particularly flattering  for singers and to create a “larger than life” sound, it can get too  much and overpowering in some recording situations. The guitar players  on our staff asked for a ribbon microphone that captured an authentic  and balanced electric guitar tone when put right onto the grill of his  Fender amp. Thanks to its purely passive signal path and Wes’ bag of  acoustic tricks, the R92 not only handles the SPL levels of a high-gain  amp with ease, but it also translates all the gritty details of the  distortion that you’ve been tweaking so carefully.
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