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Splice 500 MKII
Mono FET Compressor Module

- Mono FET Kompressor Modul auf Basis 1176
- 4 Schaltungen können kombiniert werden:
  Input & Output Black = Classic Blackface Mode
  Input & Output Blue = Classic Blueface Mode
  Input Blue & Output Black = Mix Blue/Black
  Input Black & Output Blue = Mix Black/Blue
- Trafosymmetrierter Input, Elektr. symm. Output
- Stereolink Schalter
- All Buttons In/Slam-Modus
- Mix Blend Control Regler
- Output Impedanz Schalter
- Gain Makeup bis +45dB

Size doesn’t matter. The Splice-500 packs all of the sound and functionality of the acclaimed Splice MKII rack into a single 500 series module. Faithfully recreating the circuitry and sound of not one, but two classic FET compressors, the Splice-500’s unique mode switching allows the user to switch between the classic Blackface or vintage Bluestripe circuits at the push of a button. In addition, the Splice-500 can also mix and match the two for entirely new sounds that can only be found with the Splice (i.e. Blue Input Circuitry + Black Output Circuitry for “Blueface” mode or Black Input Circuitry + Blue Output Circuitry for “Blackstripe” mode.

All units are made in the USA to an exceptional level of craft and workmanship.
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