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Soundelux USA U195
Grossmembran Kondensator Mikrofon

- Optimierte Version von David Bock des ehrwürdigen U87
- 2.54mm K67 Mikrofon Kapsel
- Nieren Charakteristik
- Norm-Mode für Bentonung der Mitten und Höhen
- Fat-Mode für erweiterte Basswiedergabe
- Pad-Schalter -15dB & High Pass Filter

U195 is a FET amplifier cardioid microphone powered by P48 phantom voltage. The microphone's audio output is standard male XLR3, with positive excitation of the diaphragm at the front of the mic resulting in a positive voltage at the output XLR's pin 2. Audio output is fully transformer balanced.

The U195 circuitry is based on an optimized version or the venerable U87, with a much larger transformer and more sophisticated bias circuitry to eliminate the classic “honk” midrange emphasis of the U87. In addition it offers the user unrivaled control of the amplifier, providing voltage divider pad function (rather than a capacitive pad), active low cut function, and a unique “fat/norm” switch which allows a gentle low mid/bass EQ in the circuit. This “fat” switch provides a  greater sense of impact and power, as well as conveying a warm, intimate sound.

It is recommended that the user place the mic in it's shockmount on a stand and connect all the cables before using the unit. This mic (especially in “fat” mode) is very sensitive to low frequencies below 20Hz, and  mic may be sensitive to rumble, HVAC and other sub - sonic activity that were previously unapparent. Any combination of switch settings may be used for a nearly infinite variety of tonal variations.

Soundelux U195 is powered by P48 phantom power. Operation with less than 40v phantom may result in compromised performance. For more detail on phantom powering, please see DIN 45 596/IEC268 - 15A. Remember to use as new, good quality cables as possib le, as older cables with internally frayed shield wires often result in poor performance of phantom powered mics.
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