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Grossmembran Röhren Mikrofon

- Röhrenmikrofon mit Dual 1" K12 Mikrofonkapsel
- Kugel-, Nieren- & 8er-Charakteristik
- Hommage an das legendäre Telefunken 251
- NOS Röhre 6201

The 251 is THE  vocal sound people ask for, but the original (vintage) versions are 50+  years old and sound very different from one another. Repairing,  rebuilding and “nursing” original 251’s has been David Bock’s work  spanning over 30 years. The risk for a modern studio or end user to  depend on a vintage mic on a daily basis is increasingly problematic.  The 251 is David Bock’s answer to the vintage mic dilemma of getting “that sound”  without the headaches. It is a premier lead microphone for premier  voices. It is built to last and provide the studio and user with many  years of daily, high end performance.

The 251 cardioid pattern  shuts off the back of the capsule to deliver extraordinary vocals when  worked very close. On less experienced vocalists, it is recommended to  use a pop filter, enabling closer working distances to take advantage of  the magical proximity effect. There is no low frequency filtering used  on a 251 so you will hear low frequency content you’ve never heard before.

At distance, the 251 delivers a level of definition that is amazing.  The high end does not fade with distance like so many other condensers  and the power and depth of the low end response is a joy to hear. The  Omni and Figure 8 patterns prove useful in these non-voice applications.

The 251 provides the user with absolute confidence that this is the mic you put in the most critical situations. Bock Audio's 251 uses a proprietary hand-made German capsule, a proprietary hand-wound multisectioned audio transformer, NOS  tube in the mic amplifier, a hand-built outboard power supply and a  custom low capacitance audio cable. This is one of the best overall mic  packages available on the market at any price. The 251 is the ideal  microphone to choose when there is a variety of applications that must  met with absolute top recording quality. With frequency response that  extends well beyond the normal range of typical studio microphones, the  Bock Audio 251 sets new standards.

FOR VOCALS,  the 251 instantly delivers that huge vocal sound you have wanted for  years. It sounds equally impressive on females and males. It will  capture the most intimate and subtle details of a vocal yet maintain  integrity at high SPL’s. It holds up track after track, “sitting on top”  in extremely dense mixes without EQ.

FOR INSTRUMENTS,  this mic offers very high end performance on critical stringed  instruments, orchestras, choirs and small ensembles. The outstanding  transient response reveals elusive harmonic details that spell the  difference between good... and GREAT in your recordings.
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