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Dynamic Processing with Sidechain Module

- Kompressor Modul mit Sidechain Input
- THAT 4301 Forward Kompressor
- Ultra Low Noise OpAmps
- Variable Input & Output Saturation
- +/-12dB Input Gain
- Manual/Auto Attack und Release
- Hardknee oder Softknee
- RMS/Peak/Adaptive Level Detektion
- Expander Modul
- Wet/Dry Parallelkompression
- Sidechain und Envelope Input
- Stereo Link

Dynamics processing is not something typically considered in modular synthesis, especially subtractive patches. With many synthesists doing fully modular feedback patches, percussion and outboard processing with their modulars, compression now has a place in a eurorack.

The WMD Compressor is designed to serve all of your normal dynamics processing needs, but it pushes boundaries further. It can subtly calm resonance peaks, or it can add dynamic character to a bass patch. It can also completely crush and distort a patch into a pumping breathing monster.

The WMD Compressor is designed around the THAT 4301 core, a high end dynamics processor. It has been adapted for modular levels, but will work with +4 line level signals as well. It is designed to be transparent, using only ultra low noise opamps, but it also has variable input and output saturation to add some character and distortion.
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