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Passive Ribbon with Supercardioid Pattern

- Passives Bändchen Mikrofon, Re-Kreation RCA KU3A
- Supernieren-Charakteristik
- Reduzierter Nahbesprechungseffekt
- Seidene Höhen mit klassisch weichem Ribbon Klang

The Supercardioid Ribbon
The KU4 has the unmistakable  characteristics of a smooth ribbon sound, yet it is uniquely different.  Like other ribbons, its lightly-tensioned, ultra low mass ribbon has a  frequency response beyond 20 kHz, an accurate transient response, and no  upper midrange resonances common to large condenser mics. Having a  supercardioid instead of a figure-eight polar response pattern mics sets  it apart from other ribbon mics. The KU4's suppressed rear lobe reduces  the pickup of room ambience and is especially useful when the rear of a  figure-eight pattern would pick up undesirable sounds. The KU4's  reduced bass proximity effect facilitates closer miking, while its  low-tuned ribbon does not exhibit bass distortion. These characteristics  make the KU4 well-suited for the modern studio. It is currently the  only supercardioid ribbon microphone in commercial production.

The Legacy of the RCA KU3A
The  KU4 is a re-vision of the legendary RCA KU3A, a unidirectional  microphone originally designed for the Hollywood movie studios. Also  known as the “10001” (for its RCA manufacturing number), it was RCA’s  most expensive ribbon microphone and fewer than 600 units were ever  manufactured. The KU3A combined the smooth ribbon sound of a 44 with a  unidirectional pattern, a wide sweet spot, and reduced proximity bass  boost. Expanding an engineer's range of placement choices, it became a  standard at film studios around the world. Today, however, the KU3A is a  rare collector's item, and only a handful of studios or rental houses  own them. The few lucky owners of vintage KU3As in great condition like  Grammy-winning producer/engineer Kevin Augunas (Sound City Studios)  treat their mics as little treasures. Original KU3As are notorious for  their sonic inconsistencies due to production tolerances, so with the  KU4, we at AEA engineered the microphone from the ground up in order to  recreate this seminal design while ensuring flawless consistency from  unit to unit. AEA is proud to put this microphone back into the hands of  modern users.

The KU4 is your ticket to discovering why RCA  unidirectional ribbon microphones have been used in professional studios  for over 60 years. AEA is honored to play a part in its history, and  invites you to listen to the KU4 and claim your part of this legacy.

Ribbon Talk
The  KU4 utilizes a medium sized ribbon unlike all other AEA mics. While  AEA’s Large Ribbon Geometry TM design offers advantages like extended  bass response and maximum SPL level, the KU4’s shorter and narrower  ribbon is characterized by a unique upper midrange presence that is  particularly interesting for vocals and acoustic stringed instruments.  Because of the shorter ribbon, the KU4 is much more similar to the  venerable RCA 77 type microphone rather than the RCA 44. By comparison  to the 77, the KU4 has a slightly longer ribbon, a fixed polar pattern,  and a more natural sounding unidirectional mode.
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