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Remote Microphone Preamplifiers

- Fernsteuerbare Mono Mikrofon Vorverstärker
- Klassisches 1081 Modul oder Air Monserrat Version
- Moderner einfacher Weg zum legendären Neve Sound
- Fernsteuerbar von Neve Konsole oder via PC
- Serieller Anschluss an Rechner
- Total Recall via Software
- Einzigartige, von Hand gewickelte Neve Input Trafos

Two Legendary Mic Preamps, One Convenient Remote-Controlled Rack
This system consists of a microprocessor-controlled 12-slot rack  and a choice of two superb mic preamps, the Neve 1081 and Air Montserrat (from the vintage Air Montserrat console).

By selecting their desired combination of mic preamps, engineers have the flexibility to record classical, pop, rock, or any other musical format, and control it all from a Neve Console or standalone PC. In terms of application, the Air Montserrat Pre is the optimum choice for ambient recording, while the 1081 offers the perfect response for close miking of vocals, acoustic instruments, and percussion.

The rack can be positioned remotely and controlled via an Encore system on a Neve console or a standalone PC, making it the perfect choice for studio or live recording applications. (Connections come courtesy of a 9-pin serial control cable via RS232 to RS485 converter.) Operational settings such as gain, phase and 20dB pad can be controlled either from the rack or via the interface screen, and stored for later recall.

The 1081R allows these legendary mic preamps to be used as remote inputs for the 88RS analogue console, or provides the perfect companion to our digital consoles.
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