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Studio Condenser Vocal Microphone

- Studio Kondensator Vocal Mikrofon
- Entwickelt für Gesang und Sprache
- 14mm Kapsel mit Nieren-Charakteristik
- Frequenzgang von 30 Hz - 33 kHz
- Schalldruckpegel bis 145dB SPL
- Präzise von Hand gestimmte diskrete Class A Schaltung
- Integrierter Popschutz & klangneutraler Windschutz
- Natürlicher, klarer und authentischer Klang
- Geliefert mit Halterung und Transportbox aus Kirschholz

Following a heritage defined by jaw-dropping realism and unparalleled performance, the front address SV33 delivers vocal performances brimming with stunning detail. The SV33 the Earthworks Audio flagship studio vocal microphone featuring a 14mm capsule that delivers warmth coupled with staggeringly precise audio performance. A true cardioid polar pattern provides freedom and ease for every recording session with an enormous sweet spot and incredible rear rejection, maintaining complete sonic accuracy for vocal performances.

Never has there been a vocal microphone that gives you this much freedom. Freedom to express, to move, to take risks and capture every essence of the vocal performance. The SV33 eliminates limitations found in other high end studio microphones and infuses ease into the process for both the vocalist and the engineer. With 140 degrees of freedom across the frontal hemisphere every moment of joy, longing, pain or elation will come through with breathtaking lifelike clarity.

Purest Sound
The SV33 excels at delivering crystal clear vocals full of detail and nuance; effortlessly positioned forward in the mix with incredible low end, smooth midrange and high frequency detail. The openness and the air, it's all there. Its discrete Class A circuitry means that your signal path will remain uncompromised, delivering the purest sound possible. With the SV33 you will achieve unmatched sonic clarity for every recording session with incredible intimacy.

Well Behaved
Its wide cardioid pickup pattern behaves incredibly well on-axis, maintaining the integrity of your vocals and allowing more freedom to move in front of the microphone. Off-axis the SV33 excels at rejecting unwanted sounds, so in the unlikely event of bleed, the sound will remain uncolored and pure. This microphone also has very low handling noise and a built in windscreen to prevent plosives.
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