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16 + 2 Fader Pack

- 16 Kanal- & 2 Master-Fader Pack für 8816
- 16 Muto/Solo Schalter
- 16 Direct Outs schalten 8816 Level Pots auf Aux Sends
- USB Port für Neve Total Recall Software
- Von Hand gebaut von Neve in Burnley, England
- 4 U Rackmount oder Desktop Einsatz
- Optionale Seitenteile bei Desktop Gebrauch

Precision Fader Control for the 8816 Summing Mixer
Veteran engineers will appreciate the feel of the faders under  their hands as they ride levels and make sensitive adjustments to the  mix. Connection to the 8816 is straightforward analogue audio, and the  sound is pristine. The Neve 8804 not only adds fader control to the  8816, it provides expanded functionality. Each 8804 channel fader has a  direct output, and these can be set to pre- or post-fader. These direct  outputs can then be used to feed effects units, to make separate  recordings of individual elements of a mix, or for multi-track recording  of signals from the 8816.

The channel level pot on the 8816 becomes a dedicated auxiliary  send for an outboard reverb unit, letting users add that extra touch of  class to the mix. The 8804 is equipped with our proprietary Recall  utility program for flexible use alongside a computer-based system.  Recall enables your Mac or PC to store and recall all of the 8804’s  settings, boosting your productivity. Put simply, this is Neve  engineering at its best.
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