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Digitally Controlled Preamplifier

- Stereo Mikrofon Vorverstärker, 19" 2U
- Digital kontrollierte Parameter mit Relais
- Von DAW mit Plug-In (VST/AAX) komplett steuerbar
- Hybrid Class A Op-Amp
- Custom Input Transformer
- 10 Gain Steps bis 57dB
- 64 Attenuation Steps bis -63dB
- Externe PSU mit Torrodial Transformator
- USB Control Port
- Flash Memory mit 8 Setup Speicherplätzen

GAIN is a microphone preamplifier of great design and superb sound.  It has 2 channels and on each of them you can control the gain (up to 60  dB) and attenuation (0 – 63 dB), each level can be read on top of each  knob on a 2 digits 7 segments display. In addition, 4 buttons per  channel provide: 20dB attenuation, Phantom Power 48V, Phase Reverse and  selection of either Microphone or Instrument. It has a custom  transformer and a custom op-amp on each channel plus a general toroidal  transformer for power supply. The design is specular giving you an  immediate feeling with the machine and its 2 channels.

As our summing amplifiers, GAIN is provided with a digital plug-in  (VST, AAX) that will allow you to load the machine in your DAW and Store  and Recall Settings.

In addition, GAIN is equipped with a flash memory card so you will be able to store up to 8 memories on the machine itself.
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