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Micro Clock MK3
384 kHz Studio Clock

- 384 kHz Studio Clock
- 6 Wordclock Outputs auf BNC 75 Ohm bis 384 kHz
- AES/EBU & S/PDIF Outputs bis 192 kHz
- Optical Output bis 96 kHz
- LED Anzeige Word Clock Output auf Gerätefront
- Externe Stromversorgung
- Jitter bei ca. 1,92 Picosekunden an BNC Outputs
- Einfache Integration in bestehende Setups
- Rackmount Kit optional

The Micro Clock MKIII is the culmination of almost 10 years of research involving jitter-reducing, harmonic-enhancing design techniques not found in any other master word clocks on the market. It not only can sync all of your digital audio gear together, but can significantly improve the sound quality as well. It may be the most significant single upgrade you can make to your digital audio setup. Get ready to hear what you’ve been missing!

The Micro Clock MKIII is a significant redesign of its predecessor, the Micro Clock MKII. Core technological improvements include lower-jitter crystal oscillators, higher-quality galvanic transformer isolation in the signal path, dedicated output drivers with better isolation, higher-precision signal division, and much heavier noise filtration throughout the circuit. All of this results in a more robust, lower-jitter clock signal than the Micro Clock MKII, with even more desirable harmonics in the clock’s spectral band that impart an undeniable musical quality to the conversion process. The feature set has expanded to include an LED frequency display, six BNC outputs capable of up to 384kHz, AES and RCA S/PDIF outputs capable of up to 192kHz, an optical S/PDIF output capable of up to 96kHz, and removable rack ears.
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