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Bento 6S / 6DS
6 Slot Module Carrier

- 6 Slot Rack mit 2x XLR Input & 2x XLR Output
- Interne Stromversorgung von 90 bis 240V, 50/60 Hz
- +/-16V DC 1.6A und +48V DC 0.15A, 533mA per Slot
- Channel Link-Schalter pro Kanalpaar
- Kompressor Link-Schalter pro Kanalpaar
- Bento 6DS mit Anzeige Parameter auf Display für
   F600A, F601A, F602, F603A/B und F607

The Fredenstein Bento 6S is a high performance module carrier for  Fredenstein Series 600 modules or API-500 compatible plug-in cards. The  unit can accept a maximum of 6 modules.

The Bento 6 features several important upgrades compared with third party products: Universal power supply: Mains voltages range from 90V AC to 240V AC, 50 to 60 Hz. Increased output currents: +/-16V DC 1.6A and +48V DC 0.15A, 533mA  per slot which is about 3 times more than the standard calls for.

The Bento 6S power supply is also designed for extremely low noise  largely due to state of the art switching regulators that operate above  200 kHz, which is typically higher in frequency than most conventional  switching regulators. They also follow “green” guidelines that minimize power consumption to only what is needed.

Other features include the capability to drive very large capacitive  loads. Most other switching supplies might oscillate if presented with  large capacitors to charge. The Bento 6S ramps up in a controlled manner  (typically 0.2 seconds). Also unlike most +/- switching regulators,  both the +16V and -16V are regulated separately and provide separate  current protection.

Auxiliary Audio Inputs and Outputs
Built-in Audio Routing: Modules can be daisy-chained by simply flipping switches on the back- panel. Compressor buss linking: Compressor modules can be linked by engaging switches on the back- panel as well. Multi-Layer Backplane: Increased signal integrity and lower noise floor. Ground-lift switch: In case of ground loops, the audio ground and the  protective ground can be disconnected. Please use only if absolutely  necessary.

Bento 6DS
Color LCD Display: Monitors the power-supply status including voltages,  currents and temperature. If certain Fredenstein modules are used, like  F600A, F601A, F602, F603A/B, and the F607, all operating parameters of  these modules are displayed on the screen as well.
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