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Grossmembran Kondensator Mikrofon
mit Schwenkhalterung

- Nieren-Charakteristik
- Von Hand gebaut mit einzigartigem Design
- Front- oder Side-Adress-Mikrofon
- Kapsel und Elektronik für mittlere Aufnahme-Distanz
- Exzellente Feedback-Unterdrückung
- Interner Shockmount & Pop Filter
- Transformatorlose symmetrische FET-Elektronik
- Qualitativ sehr hochstehende Komponenten

Our most popular model, Edwina  is a versatile large-diaphragm condenser microphone with great sound to match her distinctive but not dominating looks.

With meticulously tested, hand-wired electronic components, Edwina is designed specifically for feedback rejection in demanding live settings. Her  smooth, detailed sound excels at all kinds of stage duties, from vocals to acoustic instruments to drum overheads, and also shines in the studio  as a warm, accurate recording mic. She is optimized as a single-source mic, but with a sweet spot from one out to 18 inches, she does great  capturing voice and instrument together for solo or even two performers.

Also available in stereo pairs. For single-micing larger groups, consider Louise, Myrtle or Josephine.

Suggested Applications:
On  stage and in studio for vocals, close-miking acoustic instruments  (guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle), drum overheads, electric guitar  cabinets.
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