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4 Band Equalizer Modules

- 500 Series 4 Band Equalizer Module
- F603A mit High Q=2
- F603B mit Low Q=0.8
- Boost/Cut +/-16dB
- Shelfing Low & High Band
- Paramteric Low Mid & Low High Band
- Clip LED
- Sehr kurze Signalwege

The F603 A/B is a high performance four band equalizer for tracking and mixing (Model A for High Q=2 & Model B for Low Q=0.8).

The F603A/B features passive LC (Inductor/Capacitor) filters combined with a very short signal pass. The low and high frequency filters are  shelving types, while the mid frequencies are band pass filters. Each shelving filter has four different frequencies while the band pass filters offer six. The active filter range is indicated by LEDs. To  facilitate sound comparisons, a true “hard” bypass is available.

The gain range for each filter is +/- 16 dB. The F603A/B exhibits unrivaled silkiness, but at the same time an extremely detailed sound stage. The high power output stage with an impedance of less than 20 Ohms and a driving capability of up to +/- 200mA ensures no loss of performance with even the most demanding complex loads.
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