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Stereo 1976 Microphone Preamplifier

- 1976 Stereo Mikrofon Vorverstärker
- Gain von +12 - +72dB in 6dB Steps mit Drehschalter
- Fine Gain  0 - +6dB mit 41 Click Drehschalter
- Vertigo Sound 1976 OpAmp
- Lowcut Filter bei 80 oder 120 Hz, 12dB/Okt
- Maximum Output Level +24dBu
- Frontpanel DI Input
- Jensen trafosymmierter Input
- THAT 1646 symmetrierter Output
- Frequenzgang von 10 Hz - 35 kHz
- Phantom Power, -20dB Pad und Phase Reverse

The VSP-2 is VERTIGO SOUNDs 3rd BIG IMPACT DESIGN and is setting a new benchmark in microphone amplification. The heart of this unit is Vertigo Sound 100% discrete Twin Op Amp circuit called the OPA (operational amplifier) 1976.

These "in house" engineered & built discrete amplifier stage is combined with Jensens world famous JT-16 Mic transformers and provide a smooth warm and defined sound from the lowest bass to the very top end of the sonic spectrum.The JT-16 transformer can handle very high input levels and provides a very linear phase behaviour because of low capacitance problems due to it`s low ratio of 1:2. Further the low ratio of the transformer forces the discrete OP Amp to provide most of the amplification in the VSP-2. This " full throttle","pedal to the floor" circuitry enables a unique, rich, full and characterful sound.

The heart of the VSP-2 – the discrete OP AMP 1976
99% of all newer designs use an I-ntegrated C-ircuit for this job which makes production easy and cost extensive. Here's the big difference! The Vertigo Sound 1976 is a fully DISCRETE OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER. This very well thought out classic circuitry together with the Jensen JT16 transormer and Panasonic Coupling Caps plus the specific choice of components of the OP Amp gives you a fresh, punchy precise colourful sound without sounding dull or nasty at anytime.
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