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Copperphone Mini
Dynamic Microphone with Shockmount Ring

- Dynamisches Mikrofon, Nieren-Charakteristik
- Montiert mit Federn in Shockmount Ring
- Frequenzgang von 200 Hz bis 1.4 kHz
- Robustes Kupfergehäuse und Komponenten
- Funktioniert auch als Hand-held Mik, ohne Ring

The Copperphone Mini was originally designed for harmonica players as a hand held alternative to the Copperphone. It does have a similar nostalgic character to the sound because it operates within a limited bandwidth. However the Copperphone Mini uses a higher performance modern element and does not utilize a resonant chamber. The result is a microphone that is more sensitive and sounds more direct than the Copperphone.

Uses inclulde:
Vocals, Choirs, Guitar Amplifiers, everywhere an Effect Microphone is needed
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