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RAM System 5000
Remote Stereo & 5.1 Monitoring Controller
with Bluetooth Streaming Input

- Stereo und 5.1 Surround Monitor Controller
- Kabellose Fernbedienung mit 19" Einheit, 2U
- Alle Funktionen mit beleuchteten Tastern schaltbar
- 4 Stereo Inputs, +4dBU
- 5.1 Input und Externer Stereo Input
- Asymmetrischer Stereo Cinch Input
- Wolfon WM8741 D/A Wandler mit 24 Bit, 192 kHz
- Digital Input: AES/EBU, S/PDIF & TOSLINK Inputs
- Bluetooth Streaming Input mit AAC, APTX & SBC Codecs
- 4 Cue Onputs auf DB25 für Cue-Mixes an Musiker
- 5.1 Input und zwei zusätzliche Stereo Outputs in 5.1 Modus
- 5 Stereo Outputs symmetriert
- Unabhängiger Mix Output (Abgriff vor Masterfader)
- Subwoofer Output
- 64-stufiges Relais-Dämpfungssystem mit 1dB Rasterung
- 2 Pegel Presets für häufig verwendete Einstellungen
- Schalter für Mute, Dim, Mono und Phase Reverse
- Integriertes  Talkback Mikrofon für Cue und Mix
- 2 leistungsstarke Headphone Outputs
- Fernbedienung mit langlebigem Akku, aufladbar mit USB
- Ladestation für Fernbedienung im Lieferumfang

The Heritage Audio RAM System 5000 is high-grade Monitoring system for studios and post-production houses who deliver in 5.1 surround. It consists of a remote monitor controller in desktop-format and a 19" rackmount unit, connected via a wireless connection. The system can be configured for 5.1 or stereo and features flexible connectivity for easy integration in any setup. It provides all the functionality for professional monitoring, including speaker switching, DIM, MUTE and SOLO functionality, subwoofer management, headphone amplification, cue-mix distribution, wireless talkback, digital inputs with premium Wolfon D/A conversion and Bluetooth for easy mobile device integration. The console-style Talkback with various routing option makes it easy to communicate with artists.

The RAM System 5000 relies on state-of-the-art analog circuitry for superior transparency and ultra-low noise and distortion. Employing gold plated relay switching throughout as the working principle - including a 64-step relay ladder attenuator system for the master level - it offers accuracy and sonics found on high-end large-format consoles. With its RAF-gray finish and prominent red Marconi knob the RAM System 5000 brings the classic look in every control room.
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