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Mono Compressor Module

- 500 Series Mono Kompressor Modul
- Patentierte THRUST-Schaltung
- Variabler Threshold, Ratio und Make Up Gain
- Level Meter mit Outputs Level oder Gain Reduction
- Hard/Soft-Knee Schalter
- Bypass Schalter
- Linkbar für Stereoanwendungen mit RMS Power Summing
- Symmterierter Input und Output

The JDK Audio V12 is a single channel compressor featuring API's patented award winning compressor circuit. This is the same compressor circuit originally designed into the ATI Paragon mixing consoles. The V12 conforms to API's 500 Series format and is a member of API's VPR Alliance.

The unit includes the patented THRUST® circuitry to protect the sensitive high frequency content of the audio signal even under the most vigorous of compression ratios. The perfect companion to your V10 mic-preamp and V14 EQ, the V12 compressor provides comprehensive easy-to-use control of the audio signal with concise LED metering of both output and gain reduction. Two channels can even be linked for use as a stereo compressor with true RMS power summing of the left and right signals.
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