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Harrison 32 Console Equalizer Module

- 500 Series Harrison 32 Konsolen Equalizer Modul
- Entwickelt in Zusammenarbeit mit Harrison
- 4 Band Equalizer mit Gain und Frequency Controls
- Low und Highband also Shelfing oder Peak EQ
- EQ In/Out Schalter
- Harrison Low und Highpass Filters
- Jumper für "Vintage Feedback" oder "Non-Feedback"

Harrison Consoles and Great River Electronics are proud to announce a new product collaboration – the 32EQ

The 32EQ is a new 500-series version of the EQ and filters from the renowned Harrison 32 Series consoles. The 32EQ incorporates the original specifications and with support directly from the original designers at Harrison Consoles it is guaranteed that the prized characteristics of the original were maintained in the new design.

Like all Great River and Harrison products, the 32EQ is designed and built in the USA.
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