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Power Amplifier

- 2x 90W Endstufen-Verstärker
- Ideal für FUGU und Auratone Monitore
- High Performance Class D Verstärker
- 90+90 Wrms into 4 Ohm oder
- 45+45 Wrms into 8 Ohm oder
- 180W into 8 Ohm in Bridge-Modus
- Als Stereo-Verstärker oder Monoblock einsetzbar
- Effiziente Schaltung mit wenig Wärmeverlust

The CPA-50 Stereo Power Amp is the  perfect partner for any passive speaker, and especially in the studio with a set of passive cube monitors.

Sitting between your monitor controller/pre-amp and a pair of passive speakers, the high performance Class D amplifier delivers 25Wrms per channel into 8 ohms (50Wrms per channel into 4ohms) and offers features including thermal, overload and power up/power down protection and fault indication. With just a 6.5” square footprint, the CPA-50 blends seamlessly with a pair of FUGU or Auratone C5 monitor types, for example, and is small and light enough to fit into a bag to take anywhere.

As well as the professional Neutrik XLR inputs other features include over temperature protection, over voltage and over current protection with a fault indicator.

As well as working in stereo the CPA-50 can also function as a 100Wrms into 8ohms Monoblock (set via internal jumpers), which allows the system to operate in bi-amped or bridged modes.
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