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Pad & Phase Reverse Cable Adapter

- Kabel-Adapter mit Pad und Phase
- 2x 10dB Pad Schalter
- Phase Reverse Schalter
- XLR Anschlüsse
- Ideal bei lauten Anwendungen oder Phasenproblemen
- Für Bühne und Tonstudio

The Sontronics ST-PAD/PHASE is an inline attenuator and 180° phase inverse gadget that is a must-have tool for all recording applications.

Developed in response to engineers and studios asking us how to easily handle signal overload, ST-PAD/PHASE is an affordable and easy-to-use piece of equipment that can deal with overload and phasing at the click of a switch (or three!).

When an audio signal is too powerful, for instance, when recording trumpet, saxophone or guitar amps, it can overload the sensitive circuitry of a microphone (especially when using ribbon mics), resulting in uncontrollable distortion that is impossible to remove in the mix.

The Sontronics ST-PAD/PHASE provides attenuation via two switchable -10dB stages, allowing you to easily and quickly tame powerful audio signals.

The ST-PAD/PHASE also features a -180° invert switch, which instantly inverses the phase by 180 degrees. This can be very helpful when you have microphones placed in close proximity to the sound source and phase-correlation is an issue.

A common example is when miking the top and bottom of a snare drum with two separate microphones. Simply plug in the ST-PAD/PHASE to one of the mics and invert the phase for fantastic, phase-accurate results.

The Sontronics ST-PAD/PHASE is extremely easy to use. As it has XLR connections at the top and bottom, it can be plugged into the end of any microphone and then connected to a regular XLR cable. It's as simple as that!
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