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Ribbon Cables
Cables for Royer Stereo Ribbons

- Ersatzkabel für SF-12 und SF-24
- Verlängerungskabel für SF-12 und SF-24
- Y-Splitterkabel für SF-12 und SF-24
- XLR 5 Pin (XLR 3 Pin für Splitterkabel)

SF-12 and SF24 Cable Sets and Extension Cables
Our stereo SF-12 and SF-24 microphones come  with 2-part cable sets. The first part of the set is a 5-conductor  extension cable (18 ft for the SF-12 and 25 ft for the SF-24) that  connects to the microphone on one end and to the splitter cable on the  other end. The second part of the set is the splitter cable that  separates into two 3-conductor cables labeled Upper and Lower (for the  upper and lower ribbon elements) which terminate into 3-pin XLR  connectors.
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