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Stereo 4 Band Equalizer

- Stereo 4 Band Equalizer, 19" 2U
- Basiert auf klassischem API 526 EQ
- Variable EQ-Frequenzen und Level  Controls per Band
- 12dB Cut/Boost pro Band, Variables Q
- Dual-konzentrische Potentiometer
- Custom trafosymmetrierter Output
- Hoher Headroom: +24dB Clip Level

The JDK Audio R24 Dual Channel, 4-band equalizer, features two identical channels of equalization in a rack mounted unit with internal power supply. The eq features continuously variable adjustment of frequency and gain using individual controls.

The EQ-R24 offers two channels of professional signal equalization. Modeled after the circuitry of classic high end EQ's, the R24 delivers an affordable combination of rugged construction and solid performance. EQ in and out are controlled by classic toggle switches, with gain and frequency selection accessed using individual control knobs.
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