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Stereo Microphone Preamplifier
& A/D Converter

- Stereo Mikrofon Vorverstärker, API 312 Schaltung
- A/D Wandler mit 24 Bit / 192 kHz
- API 2510 und 2520 OpAmps
- 20-Segment LED Meter für analoge und digitale Sektion
- Mikrofon- und Instrumenten-Inputs
- Phase, Phantom Power, Pad
- 2:1 Transformer Routing
- Wordclock und Superclock Inputs
- AES/EBU und S/PDIF digital Outputs
- Insertpunkt zwischen analoger und digitaler Sektion

The first API product with an integrated digital output, the A2D  contains a pair of API 312 Mic Preamplifiers that feed an A/D section  with a set of standard digital interface outputs, multiple sample-rate  choices and internal or external clock options. Precise control of both  the Analog gain and the level feeding the digital section means that the  microphone signal may be kept super-clean if desired or driven harder  to achieve the warm, punchy "API sound."  

The A2D Analog section  consists of the circuitry contained in two 312s, half of that of the  popular API 3124+. A level control pot with an expanded 20-segment  metering system shows precise mic gain levels, while control switches  include polarity, 48v phantom power, input pad, Mic/Line select and 2:1  transformer routing, which selects a lower gain contribution from output  transformer. Each analog input contains a balanced low-Z input XLR  connector and a high-Z instrument input on a 1/4" jack.  
The digital section of the A2D  includes two API discrete 2510 amplifiers with level pots to adjust the  feed to the A/D converters, each with a corresponding 20-segment  calibrated meter. A multi-position switch selects the desired sample  frequency. The External Sync LED will light when an external clock  signal is used.  

Rear panel analog connectors include an XLR input and output for  each channel, as well as a balanced 1/4" TRS insert to the A/D  converter. The TRS insert allows the A2D to have external analog processing devices inserted in the audio chain (EQs, compressors, etc.)

The A2D's digital interface  connectors are a SPDIF single-ended RCA connector and an AES digital out  on XLR. A coaxial BNC accepts external Super Clock, which will  illuminate the front panel EXT SYNC LED when locked.  

Additionally, the A2D comes  with a pair of 9-pin D-sub connectors that allow the multiple units to  be linked together with all units operating off the first sample-rate  clock in the chain.          
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