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STA Effects
Valve-simulating Effects Plug-In Bundle

- Plug-In Bundle mit 6 Röhren Emulationen
- Preamp, Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Delay & Enhancer
- Einzigartiger warmer Charakter
- 5 Röhren-Schaltungen verfügbar
- 2 Signalwege in Röhren-Emulation gemischt

"Set of six high-end tube processors"

The 2nd generation of six valve simulating effects using the emulation of the Summing Tube Amplifier technology.

The Bundle
The bundle contains STA Chorus that gives your instruments a little warmth and tickling vibe! Extra punch, meat, juice... call it what you want, but the STA Flanger delivers it. If your sound is not spacey enough, take it to another universe with the STA Phaser! The STA Enhancer will make your mixes beautiful and bright. But the main effect that gives the STAs their character is the STA Preamp (also sold separately). The second generation of the plug-in bundle has been enriched with the STA Delay.

5 valve circuit modes available
The valve saturation colour of the STA Effects depends on the Mode selection. Changing the type of the tube circuit, affects the tube working point and frequency response.

P - Presence – a higher amount of signal on mid-high frequencies allows better cutting through the mix.

V - Vintage – has smoother highs and more even harmonics.

B - Brown – has an almost flat response with only light high frequencies rolling off and nice higher harmonics punch.

W - White – has a higher amount of signal on higher frequencies and a balanced ratio between the even and odd harmonics.

L - LoFi – contains less low and high frequencies. We make our plug-ins as real as possible with all the natural analog feeling and side effects.

Common effects
The ordinary digital effects mix their wet and dry signals as simple as A+B=C. This is as cool as all standards you may rely on. When we deal with vacuum tubes, there is also another approach possible.

Summing on a tube
STA (Summing Tube Amplifier) uses two signal paths, one is processed by modulation or spectral change and the other is not processed. These two signals are mixed using a vacuum tube. This gives “ordinary” effects like Flanger or Phaser a really unique and warm character.