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STT-1 Origin
Twin Topology Channel Strip

- Twin Topology Channel Strip
- Röhren- und Transistorwege vereint in 1 Gerät
- Über 130 Einstellungen für alle Anwendungen möglich
- Twin Mik Preamps: M-2B Röhre und HV-3 Solid State
- Twin NSEQ-2 Parametric EQ: Röhre und Solid State
- Twin TCL Opto Kompressor: Röhre und Solid State
- Twin Opto De-Esser: Röhre und Solid State
- Input mit oder ohne MIT-01 Transformator
- Röhren DI Input: Routing via Röhre oder Solid State
- Extrem musikalische Performance
- Verschiedene Preamp Röhren auf Anfrage erhältlich
- Vergoldete Anschlüsse, Röhrensockel, Relais & Schalter
- Dicke Aluminium Frontplatte, Stahl Chassis
- Ultra-cleane PSU mit eigenem Sub Chassis
- Handgefräste Aluminium Regler, IT&T Schalter
- Mogami Neglex OFC Audio Verkabelung
- Silber-Teflon Strom Verkabelung
- VU Meter für Output Lebel oder Gain Reduction

..if you wanted to buy just one front-end processor for your recording system, the STT1 could well be the one to go for. It makes a fabulously flexible and sonically excellent input conditioner wherever analogue sources are recorded individually. It manages to combine the best attributes of the company's dedicated mic preamps with their twin-topology equaliser and compressor systems, all in one compact box. The resulting package affords huge scope for experimentation, and sounds utterly fantastic.
Hugh Robjohns, Sound on Sound

The equalizer is simply wonderful on everything we ran through it, whether you¹re cutting or boosting. You might find a particular character EQ (maybe a Pultec) you like better for a given application, and there are digital equalizers that are more surgical, but it's hard to imagine any processor on the planet that can shape the sound more unobtrusively and sweetly than this one. You can crank bands way up (the range is ±15db) without it sounding the least bit electronic or harsh. Likewise subtle cuts, boosts, or shelving sound completely natural
The STT-1 Origin is a fantastic recording channel that can be amazingly versatile. This level of gear requires a substantial investment, but in this case the price is appropriate and it's an investment in something that won't become obsolete and lose half its value before you get it home.
Nick Batzdorf, Editor, Recording Magazine Review 2001
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