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Fat Head II A/P
Active/Passive Ribbon Microphone

- Legendäres symmetrisches Bändchen-Design
- Bändchen aus gewelltem Aluminium
- Pure 8er Richtcharakteristik
- Aktive oder Passive Elektronik wählbar
- Lundahl LL2913 Output Transformator

The FAT HEAD II Active/Passive ribbon microphone is a first  for this type of design. This unique feature allows the user to have the  option to switch between either mode with a simple flick of an internal  switch. The Active mode requires phantom power and will add up to 20db  of gain, (this opens up the option to use this microphone with a wide  range of preamps). The use of a very low noise differential amplifier  circuit provides high gain while keeping the noise level low. We have  optimized the circuit to preserve the warm, open, detailed tone of our  Active/Passive ribbon mic by choosing operating conditions and  electronic components that minimize tonal alterations. The active  devices in the mic are factory matched for minimum distortion.

By isolating the output of the ribbon from the microphone  preamp the ribbon is consistently loaded at an optimal value resulting  in less ribbon loading coloration. This set-up is extremely quiet and  can handle 135 dB SPL. The Passive mode is best utilized with high gain  preamps that are capable of powering the microphone with sufficient gain  and eliminated the self noise that is usually evident in low gain  preamps. Extremely long cable runs with minimal signal loss is possible  due to the low-impedance output of the FAT HEAD II ACTIVE/PASSIVE, in  addition, the ribbon element is resistant to damage by phantom power.

Shipping includes:
- Active/Passive Ribbon Microphone
- Premium Supsension Mount
- Padded Storage Pouch
- Micro-fiber Cleanig Cloth
- Aluminium Case

Suggested Uses:
- Electric Guitars
- Drum Overheads
- Horms
- Strings
- Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro

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