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Magic Pre 2100
Stereo Vintage Design
Microphone Preamplifier

- Diskretes klassisches Class-A Design
- Kein Klon bekannter Schaltungen
- High Quality Sifam VU Meter
- 48V Phatom Power
- Pad-Schaltung -20dB
- Silver Teflon- & Mogami-Verkabelung
- Von Hand gebaut in den USA
- Bauteile von sehr hoher Qualität

Microphone  Preamps are the hammers of the recording process. We set out to build a  better hammer. This is not a a cheap copy of the preamp de jour or a  vintage clone. It does have roots in vintage design practices and  superior building techniques; featuring quality parts that have  undergone extensive R&D listening tests. The only transformer in the  audio path is the mic input transformer, much like the legendary Martin  Sound MSS-10 and The Mastering Lab Pre. The Magic Pre shares the  same design heritage as these world class units.
The Magic Pre 4100 is a four channel discrete Class A  Mic Preamp that accurately captures the true essence and quality of fine  instruments and voices. The biggest feature is there is not a bunch of  unneeded fluff and features to take its toll on the sound. Nothing gets  in the way of your sound! Pure and simple, the Magic Pre 4100.
You won't find an all discrete mic pre at this price and with this sound anywhere else on the market.
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