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EL7X Fatso
Full Analog Tape Simulator & Optimizer
- Stereo Tape Simulator & Optimizer
- Harmonic Generator und Soft Clipper für Distortion
- High Frequency Saturation für Wärme
- Transformer & Tape Head Emulationen
- Classic Knee Compression für Einsatz als Kompressor
- Neues ELEVEN Ratio für Simulation Urei 1176LN
- Verbesserte Logik gegen Wärmeentwicklung
- Digital gesteuerte Analog Schaltung

No longer the "JR", the new Fatso introduces a new compressor ratio, as well as enhanded interface and display functions and overall reliability.

ELEVEN is a new compressor for the Fatso, replacing the  old GP Ratio, and emulates the famous UREI 1176LN in 20:1, with the  slowest attack, and fastest release.  This 1176 setting has been used on  countless hit records through the decades.  With the slower “1176”  attack, the transients keep the dynamics present, while the high ratio,  can radically limit the dynamic range of any source, making it present  and sitting in a nice little place in your mix.  One can slam it, or  just touch it with a few dB of compression.  You will find it great on  Vocals, Bass, acoustic guitars, drum room mikes, pianos etc.

The ELEVEN ratio took several months of experimentation,  and required a rather radical attack mod to get close.  It was one of  those projects that Dave Derr, the designer, thought would only take a  few days, but upon initial research and listening tests, subtleties  emerged which required starting over several times. “I got in one of  these design loops, where you would get one thing right, then change  another parameter or component, and find that it changed the first thing  you thought you had right.  It was actually a long frustrating series  of changes, that slowly spiraled towards the desired result.  Any kind  of math calculations or scaling seemed useless. In addition, while  testing 1176’s, I discovered issues that I’m quite sure were not  intended by the original designers, and probably things of which they  were not even aware.  But using modern digital oscilloscopes and  analyzers, along with digital workstations, and our good old ears, we  could see artifacts that the original designers couldn’t.” “Heck, they  may have even tried to fix the little imperfections that gave the 1176  its unique character, had they the tools to see them. Thank gosh they  didn’t, right?

The original Fatso Jr could operate quite warm.  Since  heat is the enemy of reliability, we decided to do what we could to cool  the unit down in this re-design.  By replacing discrete logic with a  microprocessor, and eliminating warm running and often unreliable  display circuitry, the current draw was dropped over 20%, allowing the  power supply and analog circuitry to benefit from a cooler running  product.

Harmonic Generation and Soft Clipper (Distortion Generation) - this class A circuit gently rounds the peaks like saturated tubes or tape.

High Frequency Saturation (Warmth) - a one-of-a-kind dynamic low pass filter which softens high frequencies when they “pile up” on a source.

Transformer & Tape Head Emulation - a simulation of the effect of input and output transformers of older devices, which adds  the low frequency harmonics that characterize them, as well as analog tape..

Classic Knee Compression - your typical automatic leveling device found on just about every instrument and vocal track as well as on  the overall buss, done Empirical Labs compression – smooth and sweet, but in your face!

Arguably the coolest and most unique device in the Empirical Labs arsenal, the FATSO (Full Analog Tape Simulator and Optimizer) is a digitally controlled analog device that gives musicians and engineers easy access to many of the desirable characteristics exhibited by older tube and Class A electronics and magnetic tape mediums. This two channel audio processor musically integrates frequencies and transients, increasing the apparent volume while keeping tight control over peak levels.
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