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Microphone Preamplifier Module

- 500 Series Mono Vorverstärker Modul
- Input- & Output-Transformator In/Out individuell
- Grosse Zahl an verschiedenen Klangfarben
- Lundahl Input- & Output Transformatoren
- Discrete Class-A Zero-Negative-Feedback Design
- Maximum Gain 78dB
- Front-Panel DI-Input

The F601A is a versatile high performance professional microphone preamplifier. It is the only mic-pre that allows the engineer to choose whether to use the input transformer, as well as, whether to use the output transformer. Each has a switch and is gain compensated for easy comparisons.

The premium Lundahl transformers used are very transparent, which  means these switches only tend to have a subtle sonic effect and  whichever combination is choosen the performance is always exceptional.  Often the benefits of transformers relate to noise rejection and  galvanic isolation but with some penalty in absolute distortion and  frequency response, but with Lundahls, the benefits can be useful and  the penalties tend to be very minimal.

The F601A uses a fully discrete Class-A gain stage with an innovative  Zero-Negative-Feedback design. This improves low frequency and  transient reproduction dramatically and delivers detailed high frequency  information without being harsh. This preamplifier has been described  as truly silky, smooth and warm and yet, tends to be very fast and  detailed.

Controls include; Gain (0 to 78 dB !), Input Impedance (1000 or 300  ohm), Low Cut Filter (60 Hz), Phantom Power and Polarity. It also has a  front panel DI Input for instruments. Output level is displayed with a  conventional VU meter.

Behind the front panel, controlling gain and other functions, the  F601A incorporates a few dozen high quality sealed relays controlled by a  32 bit MCU. If placed in a Fredenstein Bento 6D or 10D, settings will  be automatically displayed on the Bento's LCD display which makes  accurate recalls a breeze. It also means better matching when multiple  F601A's are used for stereo or surround.

The F601A's very low noise, intrinsically low distortion and wide  frequency response will provide exceptional sonic results. It  outperforms “classic” microphone preamplifiers by a wide margin. This  isn't your grandfather's mic-pre.
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