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High Definition Measurement Microphone

- Gerader Frequenzgang von 3 Hz bis 50 kHz
- Sehr genaue Kugel-Charakteristik
- Gerader Frequenzgang, schnelle Impulsantwort
- Von SMAART, MLSSA, Spectrafoo, FET und RTA eingesetzt
- Erfüllt ANSI Type 1 und IEC 61094 Spezifikationen
- Benötigt 48V Phantomspannung
- Temperatur von -20 bis +60 Grad Celsius
- Feuchtigkeit bis 90%
- Re-Kalibrierung alle 5 Jahre empfohlen

The M Series has become the accepted standard for affordable, reliable  reference and measurement microphones that are accurate in the time  domain and frequency response. They are remarkably stable with respect to temperature and atmospheric conditions and are optimized for clean,  very fast impulse performance providing accurate wideband response with  virtually no handling noise.

Ideally suited for acoustical measurements that require extended  frequency response, including high-end loudspeaker design and quality  control, scientific research, measurements of ultrasonic or subsonic  transducers, or any application where an extremely accurate free-field  measurement microphone is required.
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