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4 Channel VU Meter

- 4 Kanal VU Meter, 19" 1U
- XLR In/Out pro Kanal
- 1 XLR Pass Thru
- 1 USB Pass Thru
- 2 USB Quick Charger

The Fredenstein meterHUB is an essential production tool that features (4) VU meters for accurate and individual monitoring of any audio source.  This is especially useful for preamps, mixer outputs, monitor controllers, or even with a stage box for live sound.

It also provides an easy solution for your connectivity needs while keeping your space clean with a USB and XLR pass through. The front panel USB access is great for external hard drives, licensing devices, or any other USB accessory you regularly use. The XLR input can be used for talk back mics or as an easy input to check out new products.

Finally, it's equipped with a Qualcomm Quick USB charger that adapts to the charging needs of the device plugged in to maximize efficiency.
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