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Resonator A
Dynamic Microphone with Resonant Chamber

- Dynamisches Mikrofon, Nieren-Charakteristik
- Von Hand abgestimmte Resonanz-Kammer
- Frequenzgang 115 Hz bis 10 kHz
- Robustes Gehäuse und Komponenten

The Resonator-A, unlike full range high fidelity microphones, operates  within a limited bandwidth of frequencies which lends a compelling  resonant, music box like quality to the signal. Some might compare the  sound to an old Victrola or gramophone (please listen to the sound  samples provided). The sound is achieved through a combination of the  microphone’s element and a mechanical filtering device. The element is  specially loaded into a resonant baffled chamber and as sound passes  through the chamber, upper mid range frequencies are accentuated while  low and high frequencies are reduced.

Uses inclulde:
Vocals, Guitar Amplifiers, everywhere an Effect Microphone is needed!
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