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Stereo Microphone Preamplifier

- Stereo HV-3 Mikrofon Vorverstärker
- Trafoloses Design mit diskreten Highspeed Transitoren
- 23dBu Input Headroom
- Völlig neutrales und natürliches Klangbild
- FET-basierte Output Stage mit 32dB Headroom
- 36-Step Gain Control (1.5dB/Step), max. Gain 65dB
- Ultracleane, interne Stromversorgung
- Vergoldete Kontakte und Schalter
- Mogami Neglex OFC Audio Verkabelung
- Silber Teflon Stromverkabelung
- Ribbon Mode und DPA 130V Input optional

“My jaws fell open when I first switched to the HV-3 Series stereo mic pre. Its presence and clarity were outstanding. A solo voice sounded extremely immediate, and had an almost palpably “real” quality. The low end was very tight, showed good extension and “slam,” while the high end was detailed in the extreme, without the least amount of harshness...”
Pro Audio Review

“Of all the instruments we tested, the Millennia Media HV-3 Series stereo mic pre was the hands down winner in the category of accuracy. On acoustic guitar, the Millennia lent a clear, uncolored, neutral, and detailed sound. Piano sounded the most realistic to our ears through the Millennia. Furthermore, the ride cymbal was more transparent and detailed... the Millennia preamp would be our hands down first choice for recording a classical ensemble straight to two-track. It was the most accurate (i.e., it sounded the least colored) on acoustic guitar, vocal, and piano.”
Recording Magazine
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