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Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

- Grossmembran Kondensator Mikrofon
- Feste Nieren Charakteristik
- Kombiniert den Geist klassischer britischer und
  deutscher Mikrofonkunst der 60er und 70er Jahre
- Capsule Compensation Technology (CCT)
- British Output Transformator
- 26mm Mikrofonkapsel
- Shockmount im Lieferumfang

The LD1948 is a transformer-coupled large diaphragm FET microphone that combines the spirit of classic British and German microphones of the 1960’s and 1970’s with technology created right here in Chicago.

The LD1948 uses a 26mm cardioid pattern capsule for excellent frequency response, and pairs it with a classic Schoeps-style FET circuit. It also uses something I call Capsule Compensation Technology (CCT).  This is a patent-pending technology that reduces the need to match or grade capsules.  In many cases, the LD1948 exhibits better frequency and transient response than microphones with larger 34mm capsules, and its size, dimension, and tonal  response mirrors microphones that are 4 or 5 times its price.

The LD1948's off-axis behavior is excellent.  In situations where low frequency response needs to be curbed, positioning the microphone about 45 degrees off-axis is a great way to achieve this while still maintaining a solid audio image. Thanks to its Schoeps inspired circuitry, it has extremely flat response.  This means the LD1948 sounds much different than Neumann or AKG inspired condenser mics.  Its lack of a 6kHz presence bump makes it a perfect tool for acoustic guitar, strings, backing vocals, room mic'ing, piano, and a variety of other applications where flat response, detail, and extended low end are desirable. It's quite a work horse microphone.

In addition, the LD1948 makes use of an output transformer style found in British microphones of the 1970’s.  Unlike the British designs, the LD1948 uses a transformer core material developed right here in Chicago. It gives the LD1948 a quality that’s clear and revealing, yet it has a richness, weight, and unique nuance.
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